The Secretary is the chief legislative officer of the Senate. In this role, she is responsible for administering and managing all legislative functions of the Senate, as well as overseeing numerous financial and administrative functions related to her operation. She leads a team comprised of approximately 80 Institutional employees in 8 cross-functional departments of the Senate, which serve all Senate Members and staff.

She directs the following functions, which are executed by her legislative operations team:

  • amending bills in the Senate
  • creating the daily session Bill and Executive Nominations Calendars
  • creating the Supplemental Calendars
  • keeping record of all Senate action on bills and resolutions
  • maintaining committee reports
  • managing, updating and publishing the Senate History
  • numbering, introducing and transmitting to committee all Senate bills and resolutions
  • posting of roll call votes
  • posting of Senate Journals
  • transmitting all Senate messages/communications, bills and resolutions to the House of Representatives
  • sunshining committee meetings.

Additionally, the Secretary certifies as to the passage of Senate Bills and the approval of Executive Nominations.

Importantly, in addition to her legislative operations team, the Secretary has the following Senate Departments in her charge:

* This department is jointly supervised with the House Parliamentarian

Each Department is led by a Director and Deputy.


Since being elected, the Secretary's mission has been, and continues to be, to modernize, professionalize and energize her operations. Here are just a few of those successes.

  • Technological Advances
  • Renovations and Improvements
  • Leadership, Member and Team Development
  • Administrative Advances

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